Our backend combines almost a dozen different cutting edge technologies, enabling to reach the most valuable users in real time, and immediately train our algorithm to automatically optimize your campaign, saving you time and costs.

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If your display advertising does not grab the viewer's attention, then your spend will be wasted no matter how optimally it is placed. That's why our creative team is just as strong as our algorithm. Captivating creative and strong placement means maximum value for your company.

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Our product consumes tens of terabytes of data every day from multiple traffic sources. These different channels of data allow us to generate a 360° view of the current display advertising landscape, allowing to predict where advertising will be most valuable.

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Algorithm's advanced algorithms maximize the ROI for each of your advertising dollars. Our algorithm analyzes real time media transactions associated with your campaign, then optimizes advertising buys in the areas generating the most valuable responses. This is in addition to the historical data from previous campaigns that are automatically integrated with each round of advertising.

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Our data management platform isn't complicated or convoluted. Quickly find everything you need to run a successful brand or performance advertising campaign. Drill down to impression-level data so that you know you are reaching your ideal target audience.

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PRODUCT COMPONENTS is at the forefront of combining big data and artificial intelligence to help companies make smart display advertising decisions. Our unique platform leverages real time ad traffic data, state-of-the-art technology, advanced algorithms, engaging creative, and a comprehensive DMP.

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Data has the potential to objectively tell us about the past, present, and future. With our numerous data feeds, we harness the power of data in a way that maximizes the return on your advertising spend.'s intelligent marketing platform was built by computer scientists, not advertising executives. This means you will have access to world-leading algorithms that can easily target the people and places you want to reach the most. Besides, our machine learning model is always evolving. Unlike other platforms, balances user behavior and other signals from your target audience to redirect and optimize your campaign in real time. By choosing our platform, you will always have the latest advertising trend data in your hands and working for you.


Stay happy knowing that our service is always on the lookout for suspicious activity. We know that fraud and cheating can make it difficult to get a fair deal when it comes to brand and performance advertising. So, from the beginning, we have incorporated advanced fraud detection and monitoring logic to prevent abuse on both sides of the DMP/DSP divide.

We provide our customers with a fair and transparent marketing environment. Machine learning-based fraud monitoring adds an additional layer of protection not found elsewhere.

WE VALUE EMPATHY's leading predictive models for running successful campaigns is only half of the equation. We also feel that it is important to have a human touch as well. As our customer, our account managers and data scientists will listen to your goals and craft a plan that excites both the marketing team and corporate leadership.

Our staff is here to help you with each step of the digital programmatic advertising process. We have the ability to breakdown the data from media transactions but also summarize it in informative ways without technical jargon.