Big Data
Artificial Intelligence

DMP's data processing system can quickly perform data segmentation, reorganization and integration. It precisely constructs informative audience demand portraits that provide big, clear and accurate data foundations for predicting audience behavior.

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Device Graph

In order to help advertisers identify, understand, track and engage with their target audience, collects and processes user data across all channels and all devices. We map complex multi-format, multi-touch data to individuals, analyze their behaviors and interests, then predict their purchasing intents. can also deliver your messages through selected channels and devices, and build seamless consumer experiences for your customers. Our advanced platform provides complete reports to help advertisers determine marketing strategies and improve campaign performance. These reports highlight deep insights such as how different devices influence purchase decisions so that campaign funds can be allocated more efficiently.


At, we let the data lead the way. Our iterative machine learning algorithm continuously responds to new data, automatically optimizes bids and maximizes conversions in real time which enables smarter decision making and increased return on every dollar spent. Our optimization algorithm has a large number of variables which can be adapted to the various needs of advertisers.

Contextual Marketing abandoned the traditional algorithm based on content and historical demand; instead, an innovative predictive algorithm based on the integration of past and current data is used to predict audience behaviors and create real-time contextual ads without delay.

Anti-fraud's anti-fraud program includes constantly monitoring for fraud, continuously upgrading our anti-fraud technology, and several third-party monitoring platforms. When combined, our multi-pronged approach to reducing fraud can help advertisers reach real users with real ads - without wasted funds.